At Allset Energy, we aim to help our clients transition to renewable energy sources in the most efficient and cost-effective way. To assist, we offer a number of renewable energy services to complement our renewable system solutions.

Types of additional services offered

  • Finance solutions
  • Grant applications support
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Performance monitoring
  • Energy certificate creation and trading
  • System maintenance
  • Electricity bill review

In addition, Allset Energy also works with other industry professionals directly to assist Australia advance its renewable energy rollout. We offer the following professional services to industry partners:

  • Market assessment
  • Energy modelling
  • Project management
  • Project deployment and system installation
  • BESS commissioning
  • Warranty callouts
  • Solar panel recycling

Finance solutions

For renewable projects big or small Allset Energy offers finance options which can deliver cashflow positive operations from day one. Allset Energy can facilitate access to financial institutions and renewables investors who can provide competitive finance solutions within the renewable energy sector.

In addition to the available government subsidies, which are described on our Knowledge Hub , there are several finance options, which clients can consider in order to assist with securing access to renewable energy. Clients can purchase a system outright or opt for one of the following common finance solutions:

ENERGY SERVICES AGREEMENT (ESA): A fully funded system with 100% debt, combining many of the benefits of a traditional loan and PPA. ESA enable businesses to access renewable energy solutions and auxiliary services without any upfront capital, meaning they can be managed off balance sheet. At the end of the agreement term the business owns the system outright. This option can typically offer a more attractive financial outcome to clients than other finance options.

SECURED LOAN: Similar to other assets, renewable energy systems can also be purchased using a loan. In most instances, the financial institution requires security in return.

POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT (PPA): An alternative solution that can offer the cost savings of renewables solutions without the operational risk and upfront cost of an outright purchase is a PPA. In this financing model a business only purchases the power a system generates, instead of owning, maintaining and operating the system itself. PPAs are available for systems installed on-premise or off-premise.

Other finance options can also be sought out. Whether you are interested in financing your system or simply purchasing the energy it produces Allset Energy can help you find the right solution. Contact us today to understand the renewable solution suited to your business and available finance options to assist you to get there faster.

System monitoring

Performance monitoring gives the system owner or operator visibility of the deployed system’s production and performance. Allset Energy designed and installed systems include access to a monitoring portal, which offers real-time visibility of the system’s performance. Information is available via secure web interface and / or app using system specific logins. Both live and historical data is included, and different access levels can be created upon request.

Allset Energy can provide the following monitoring services:

  • Site metering
  • System production
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Fault alerts
  • Performance reporting
  • Predictive performance profiling

While it is more cost-efficient to plan and integrate monitoring services at the time of system deployment Allset Energy can also provide bespoke quotes to existing systems. Contact us to find out more.

System maintenance

Renewable energy systems need safe maintenance by suitably qualified technicians with regular system checks completed. Allset Energy offers maintenance services for larger systems, completing a full service including equipment defects, wiring integrity and system functionality. While the specific system maintenance recommended will depend on a number of factors, such as system design, component and usage, maintenance usually encompasses the following elements:

  • Site review
  • System inspection
  • Mechanical assessment
  • Electrical testing
  • Performance analytics

Allset Energy offers maintenance services to both new and existing clients. Contact us today for a monitoring and / or maintenance quote for your system.

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