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Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance and system management options are available?

: Renewable energy systems need safe maintenance by suitably qualified technicians with regular system checks completed. Allset Energy offers maintenance services for larger systems, completing a full service including equipment defects, wiring integrity and system functionality. We can also offer ongoing monitoring of system performance tailored to client needs. For more details, please see our maintenance services on offer.

Should my business look for a solar system that maximises or optimises solar system size?

Historically, there was a financial benefit to maximise a smaller system’s size due to the STC incentives available at the time. However, market movements mean this is no longer given and therefore ‘right-sizing’ the system to the client’s specific needs has become more important than ever. More parameter inputs mean the system design can deliver greater optimisation and better financial performance for the client, not only in terms of upfront investment but also the long-term return-on-investment.

Which warranties are available?

Renewable energy system warranties warrant the quality of the system for system functionality and workmanship. To demonstrate Allset Energy’s commitment to quality we offer up to 15-year workmanship warranty. Solar panels have product and performance warranties; the former relates to the product itself and is for a minimum of 10 years while the latter warrants lifetime output, usually for 25 years or more. Inverter and micro inverter warranties cover manufacturing defects, covering parts labour and /or loss of income compensation. Power optimisers usually come with a 25-year performance warranty. Mounting systems must be defect-free and meet wind load requirements. Battery and PCS warranties depend on energy throughput or cycle minimums. Allset Energy provides its clients with the specific warranty details, which apply to the chosen system.

Will the existing electricity connection be able to support solar?

Electricity distributors upgrade networks for demand and stability. Pre-approval sought where possible. Allset Energy contacts grid operators for large systems. Full grid application may be required. Feasibility inquiries require system owner consent. Meter reconfiguration needed for solar feed-in tariff.

What are typical project processes and timeframes?

Allset Energy offers thorough consultations and aims to simplify the renewable energy experience for our clients. We offer project management as well as ongoing support and maintenance; project timelines will differ depending on the system type, location and project complexity. Smaller commercial solar systems (less than 100kW) can be completed from contract signature in a matter of weeks (subject to grid application and other regulatory requirements). Large solar farms and/or off-grid, micro-grid or grid stabilisation storage solutions require thorough feasibility assessment, engineering and procurement processes and tightly managed construction and commissioning. Where possible, Allset Energy will work to client’s timeline requirements to minimise operational disruptions and maximise results.

Can tenants benefit from solar installations?

Renters can benefit from renewable energy even if they don’t own the property. There are two options: the landlord purchases the system and provides electricity to the lessee or feeds excess electricity back to the grid, or the lessee can buy a system with the landlord’s approval.

What is important to consider when assessing the right solar design solution?

A well thought out system design considers a number of elements to maximise the return on investment for the system owner. Allset Energy prioritises property specifics, current and future electricity usage needs, and your specific solar goals in their system design recommendations. Our proprietary advanced modelling tools consider more parameters than standard applications to optimise the solution to your business’ criteria.

What finance options are available for renewable energy systems?

There are a number of finance options available to help businesses transition to green energy.
Outright purchase: Invest in your system purchasing it outright.
Secured Loan: Buy a system using a loan with the system as collateral.
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Purchase system-generated power instead of owning and operating it, reducing costs and risks.
Energy Services Agreement (ESA): Fully funded system with debt, combining loan and PPA benefits. No upfront capital required, and ownership is gained at the agreement’s end.
Allset Energy can help clients find competitive finance solutions for renewable energy. For more details please see our finance options available.

What incentives support business adoption of renewable energy transition?

Both the Federal and State Governments offer financial support to businesses for energy-saving solutions. The support options include grants, rebates, energy certificates, and loans. The common financial support available to businesses nationwide includes Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for solar PV systems under 100kW and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) for larger systems. In the 2023 Federal Budget, provisions were also made to fast-track adoption of renewable energy through the Small Business Energy Incentive. Allset Energy assists clients in identifying and accessing the most suitable subsidies.

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