Solar is good for business and good for the environment. With electricity costs on the rise and an increased focus on sustainable operations many businesses across Australia are investing in commercial solar systems.

Solar for Business

Congratulations for taking the first step towards a cleaner, greener and brighter future by deciding to explore solar for your business.

Solar is already revolutionising the Australian energy industry with more than 34,446 GWh1 of energy generated from solar in 2022. This represents 15% of Australia’s total electricity generation, a record high for the industry. More importantly, solar enables businesses to harness the sun’s free energy, thereby reducing cost of operations, improving sustainability credentials and differentiating them from competitors.


1 Clean Energy Australia Report 2023

Commercial Benefits

Solar offers many benefits to businesses and
the environment

  • Reduce cost of operations and improve cash flow
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Safeguard against future electricity price increases
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Achieve net zero / sustainability targets
  • Improve thermal efficiency (with rooftop solar)
  • Brand differentiation

Whether your business is looking to lower operating costs, meet net zero targets set or improve your premises’ thermal efficiency with the additional layer of rooftop insulation solar can offer Allset Energy will assist you every step of the way of your business’ solar journey.Find the right system size and type for your business:

Historically, there was a financial benefit to maximise a solar system’s size due to the high feed-in-tariffs and government incentives available at the time. However, market movements mean this is no longer given and therefore ‘right-sizing’ the system to the client’s specific needs has become more important than ever.

The system should consider the following to not only comply with industry criteria but also maximise your business’ return on investment:

  • Location and structural specifics
  • Current and future operational considerations impacting energy use profile
  • Energy load profile changes throughout the day and year
  • System financing structure
  • Export or grid limitations, or other cashflow considerations
  • Your specific solar goals

Commercial Solar System Sizes:

Small to Medium Businesses

A 99kW sized solar system can generate around 150,000 kWh of electricity per annum, which is sufficient to cover most small to medium businesses’ energy needs. Systems under 100kW in total system size qualify for the federal financial incentive, called small-scale technology certificate (STC), which can lower the upfront system cost to the client. Allset Energy can right-size the system to your specific requirements and assist with identifying and applying for the relevant incentives and rebates.

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Medium to Large Businesses

Depending on the energy load profile of your business a larger system can deliver better returns. While systems greater than 100kW are not eligible for STC incentives, unless the premises have multiple meters installed, a number of other financial incentives are still available to assist businesses make the leap to renewable energy sources.

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Commercial and Industrial

Larger commercial and industrial operations or those with more intensive energy usage, such as large warehousing, manufacturing, distribution or data centre facilities, should consider larger systems. While the increased regulatory approvals and engineering requirements require careful project management the operational, financial and environmental benefits are also multiplied. Systems can be roof and/or ground mounted, such as is the case for solar farms.

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Utility Scale

1MW plus solar installations are usually ground mounted as solar farms and are most commonly used to support the business operations of mining operations, water and waste management facilities, community embedded networks and as renewable energy investment hubs. Systems connected to the grid often require coupling an energy storage solution to the solar farm in order to meet network operator requirements. Detailed modelling, project planning and execution are key at this scale.

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Commercial Solar System Types

Effortless And Economical

Harnessing the sun’s free energy on your roof is a smart investment. Not only does it improve energy provision to the site but can also deliver thermal insulation benefits to the premises. Rooftop solar is widespread and usually the most cost-efficient option for systems less than 500kW in size.

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Eco-Friendly And Scalable

Larger systems or premises with unsuitable roof space can benefit from solar through ground mounted solutions, making it a popular investment choice that is scalable to gigawatt scale. Tilt and tracking arrays can further improve system returns. In addition to the energy benefits research has also shown that ground mounted solar systems can also improve crop and livestock yield through a practice called agri-solar.

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Innovative And Space Saving

Where roof or ground space are at a premium wall mounted solar arrays offer an innovative solution to capture the sun’s rays for energy use. The design commands careful engineering and structural modelling knowhow, and can yield superior output to traditional horizontal layouts.

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Park Smarter

A cost-effective and space saving way of incorporating solar while providing shade and protection for parked vehicles. These modular solutions not only generate energy to charge electric vehicles or supplement business usage but also deliver functional benefits; a win-win solar solution.

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Aquatic Solar Revolution

Floating solar, also called floatovoltaics, is emerging as a novel solution to generate power and cut evaporation at water treatment and large water storage facilities. Floating solar is not only space saving but also proven to reduce green algae formation thereby enabling a supporting a healthier eco-system.

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Find out what
solar can do for your

Would you like to find out how to release some of your business’ tied-up cash flow, unlock a new revenue stream from your rooftop or available land area and reduce your business’ carbon footprint? If so, then Allset Energy is ready to facilitate your smooth transition to clean, renewable energy. No matter where you are on your solar journey Allset Energy’s experienced team is here to assist you at every step of the way.

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