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CLIK Collective is an innovative solutions provider of co-working facilities with numerous sites throughout Melbourne. When CLIK expanded its offer to its new Vermont location it opted for renewable energy solution to lower anticipated electricity costs. Allset Energy designed a 99.9 kW premium rooftop solar system that optimised roof constraints and maximised the client’s return on investment. Allset Energy’s project management and onsite expertise allowed it to deploy the system in record time without impacting the whole-of-site renovations being completed at the time.

The system reduced operating costs two-fold; reduced grid reliance and increased thermal efficiency leading to lower than anticipated annual electricity costs at the site. With a payback period of less than three years, the system is expected to deliver significant savings over its lifetime.

CLIK Collective

    Vermont, Victoria


    99.9 kW JA Solar solar PV,
    3x 33.3kW premium Solar Edge inverter,
    Solar Edge optimisers throughout

  • Electricity Generated:

    143 MWh p.a.

  • Carbon Footprint

    146 tons CO2 reduction p.a.